Whether its Growth Strategy, Online Travel Marketing or Technical SEO:

Why Work With a Consultant?

Digital Marketing is complex. Choosing the correct path can be critical to success, experts help maximize your investment.

Pay for Solutions not Time

I work exclusively on a Project basis, whether its Strategy, SEO or Resourcing, you’ll get actual solutions to real problems.

Guiding Startups to Fortune 500s

Working with Startups right up to Fortune 500’s, its the solution that matters, not the size of the business.

About Martin MacDonald

Working with the Web since the 90's, I've been lucky enough to see the industry develop from a small group of enthusiasts, into the multi-billion dollar industry we now work in. Over the past 20+ years, I've worked in Online Marketing niche's as competitive as Poker, Casino and Entertainment, and shaped digital strategy in the Travel Sector as both Inbound Marketing Director at Expedia and Head of SEO & Content at Orbitz Worldwide.
Recognized as an industry expert, I've given over 40 conference talks and keynotes, penned dozens of influential articles in publications across the web, and have been featured by the BBC, Guardian Newspaper, LA Times, Forbes and many more.


Could your online marketing do with a boost?

Whether your problem is a highly specific technical issue, or simply not knowing where to turn to next to continue growing your digital footprint, I can help.

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My Experience & Specialities

Technical SEO

Over 15 years experience and recognition as a leading expert in organic search.  Whether its strategic roadmaps or disaster recovery, I’ve seen almost every scenario.

Content Marketing

From planning & production, right through to distribution and attribution, Content Marketing is challenging for most businesses.  With years of experience and millions of dollars spent, I can guide you through the pitfalls.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Paid or Viral.  Content lead, or community biased.  There are challenges at every step of the way in Social Media Marketing – whether you’re sense checking corporate strategy or looking for implementation, I can help.

Strategic Roadmaps

Success has two requirements: defining the correct roadmap to achieve your goals, and executing against them.  I can help from building whole strategies through to being a sounding board for your ideas.

Travel Marketing

Whether its SEO, SEM, Social or eMail, I can guide companies with my unmatched experience in Digital Travel SEO Marketing, tapping on years of experience and billions of accumulated visits.

Working in Your Timezone

With a decade of supporting divisions worldwide, I’m available from the afternoon onwards EU time, through to mid afternoon Sydney time, covering the full US workday.  Regardless where you are globally, I can help.

Lets Chat!

I don’t take unsolicited phone calls for a few reasons; it’s not fair interrupting existing projects, and without the correct information in advance, it can be tough to provide accurate responses anyway.

For Business or Media Enquiries: Please fill in the form with all relevant details, I’ll get back to you within 2 working days.

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