Technical SEO Expert

Technical SEO Expert

Technical SEO has been a passion of mine since before Google existed, my early career in organic search included optimizing for Altavista and Lycos. From the early 2000's through to ten years ago, I built some of the largest online communities in various niche's, all fueled by explosive SEO growth.

More recently, I've served as Head of SEO for various divisions of Expedia, Orbitz & Omnicom, building some of the largest production websites on the planet tailored to aggressive search engine optimization growth.

My work in Technical SEO has been cited in major publications, I've written for major sites including Forbes & Huffington Post, and I've keynoted dozens of conferences globally.

Technical SEO Services

  • SEO Site Audits
  • Industry Level SEO Analysis
  • SEO Disaster & Penalty Recovery
  • Organic Growth Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Mass Content Production
  • User Generated Content Distribution
  • Innovative Enterprise Platform Solutions
  • Link Building Constulant
Why Work with a Consultant?

Digital Marketing is a complex subject, with dozens of moving parts.  Making the wrong decision could impact future ...

Quantifiable Results

Every project undertaken focusses on pre-agreed metrics, not reports to gather dust.

Tailor-Made Consultancy

I only build specific solutions, not general advice that’s tough to implement.

Whether its Hotel, Air, Car or Cruise, consumer facing or B2B SEO, I've done it all in the past ten years - at the worlds leading travel brands.  Landing page systems built by my teams at Orbitz Worldwide, currently power most Expedia points of sale globally. Prior to building the worlds most complex travel content management systems, I worked in online gambling & entertainment - two brutally competitive niche's, giving me unmatched experience that you can now tap into.

Over the past few years, I developed a class leading Content Marketing division from scratch, boosting publication from one or two pieces of content per week, to multiple per day while increasing quality & user experience. This strategy was bolstered with significant experimentation and investment in social traffic, yielding an audience measured in the millions per month, instead of thousands.

Not sure where your next growth initiatives should be focussed? With a decade's experience developing high growth strategies that have proven track records, I can work with you and your team to roadmap your way to success for your brand.