The following testimonials are a selection of the 80+ that have been left on my LinkedIn profile:

“Martin’s one of the top operators in the organic search marketing sphere. I’ve been consistently impressed by his knowledge, creativity and ability to apply himself to generate impressive returns. He’s also a terrific presenter.”
Rand Fishkin,


“I’ve worked with Martin in a couple of projects and found him to be one of the most resourceful SEOs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Next to that he’s an awesome guy to hang out with, doubling the total pleasure!”
Joost de Valk
CEO, Yoast.com

“Martin’s one of the most knowledgeable and experienced SEO folk I know in this industry. He’s a top conference speaker and all round fantastic guy. Hire him, if you have the opportunity!”
Richard Baxter
CEO, SEOgadget

“We have invited Martin to speak at our events on multiple occasions. He’s consistently among the most insightful, interesting and entertaining speakers in our industry.  His wide-ranging experience places him high up the list of people I turn to with challenging questions.”
Will Critchlow
CEO, Distilled


“There are a lot of people who talk a big game in SEO/SEM and don’t deliver very much. Martin talks a big game AND delivers one as well. Martin’s one of the very few people who have delivered proven results and can connect a nuanced understanding business strategy with a “just get sh*t done” approach. He’s Holyfield (the real deal).”
Joe Cohen
CEO, Seatwave


“Martin was a secret weapon of our SEO strategy and executed superbly both on the nitty gritty of SEO link building and the overall strategy of getting Seatwave to shine. He regularly blew people away with his in-depth knowledge of search strategies, was fun which never hurts, and a fast turnaround guy. We were very sorry to see him go and not sure I have forgiven him yet :-)”
 Fred Destin, Partner,
Atlas Venture (Venture Capital Firm)


“Martin’s a proper smartie: a subject matter expert; an excellent speaker; a hands-on problem solver; a strategic thinker with the power to influence business change. Somehow he manages to be all these things and still be easy going – he’s a proper asset for any company smart enough to hire him.”
Kate Kenyon
Content Strategist, Expedia

“Martin is wicked smart and fiercely creative.”
Tom Critchlow
Marketing Manager, Google
(formerly Distilled VP of Operations) 

“Martin’s knowledge of the SEM sphere is top notch, and I’ve consistently enjoyed hearing him talk at various conferences over the years. He’s a genuine font of experience-based learning and this coupled with honed communication skills makes him a very powerful player in the industry with the ability to walk the walk as well as just talking about it. In addition, he’s also a great guy, and someone who’s a real pleasure to bump into at the pub after events!”

Gus Ferguson,
Founder, QUAD London

“Martin is one of those bright minds in search who is always at the edge of what works. His quest for sustainable search will benefit anyone who has the chance to avail of Martin’s services. Rather than cloaking his work his work in secrecy, Martin had the clever idea to do his work in a way which doesn’t need to be hidden from public eyes. What’s especially great about working with Martin is his ability to communicate his ideas and his passion for so doing.
Martin has provided us with insightful and important counsel on search strategy. Anyone seeking sustainable search strategies would do well to seek and heed Martin Macdonald’s advice.”

 Alec Kinnear,
Creative Director, Foliovision
“an exceptionally skilled SEO and very tech savvy all round search manager. Apart from being a top guy, Martin’s got a unique skill set and with his extensive experience in digital he’d make a fantastic asset to any company.”
Bob Meijer,
Industry Manager (Entertainment), Google.
(formerly Seatwave)

“Martin helped make sense out of SEO and SEM for me – and accepted an invitation to come and do the same for a group of marketers, which he did very successfully. In my experience, subject experts don’t always help or clarify the issue in question, but Martin is both very knowledgeable and very good at helping others understand and apply.”

Su Johnstone,
Marketing, Kennet Partners (VC Firm)

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