Hi There! I'm Martin MacDonald

Over my career I’ve developed a reputation as one of the top SEO’s globally, and lead marketing efforts for companies such as Expedia, Orbitz, Omnicom and others.

In addition to scaled technical SEO, I have also been head of Content, Social Media, email marketing and lead landing page Product for multiple Fortune 500’s.

You can check my CV for full industry experience on my LinkedIn profile, although X-twitter may be a better platform to follow my industry commentary and updates on: @searchmartin

After founding my own digital marketing consultancy in July 2017, I’m grateful to have earned  independence from corporate structures, and left the San Francisco Bay Area for a new life in Barbados.  

While I still run my enterprise SEO consultancy, I also launched the first AI driven SEO crawler, SERPERE, and operate multiple other SaaS products focused on technical SEO and Content Marketing.

I also run the Caribbean’s largest SEO conference, BarbadosSEO.  We run bi-monthly local meetups, and an annual international SEO conference held in November.