Hey Everybody, I’ve spent the last five years working on a tool to help my daily activities as an Enterprise SEO consultant.

Some of you may remember, as early as MozCon 2011, a full 12 years ago now, I spoke about how to revolutionize SEO tool suites. At the time I was still head of SEO at Expedia, and didnt have the bandwidth to focus on the concept.

Every performance detail of every keyword & page, stored forever

After leaving Expedia in 2017, and starting my own consultancy, the time had come to start work on my dream platform.

Now, in 2023, its time for me to bring other people into the platform, I’ve taken it as far as I can with my own bootstrapping, its time to launch.

See every People Also Asked question you rank for, and answer them using AI

The tool combines a crawler, over 1,000 datapoints per URL, over 200 datapoints per keyword, machine learning internal link optimization, AI/LLM generated text, categorization, meta-data generation, and literally hundreds of other features.

To get on the announcement list, please just leave your email address below, and look out for an email with links to the details in the next few days.

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